How do I buy or sell?

The Brioso Business Group, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of footwear with the highest quality, opens its doors to offer its excellent products and thus provide economic opportunities to different people and companies that wish to buy or market their products.

You can take part as:

Retail buyer.
Our products will be available through the website and our social networks and where you can get in touch with us to acquire the products of our company.
• All our products are at your disposal and delivery is in a maximum of 5 Business Days from the moment the payment is confirmed.

Digital seller
You can register at the following link  to take part.
• Our sellers have a profit per sale of 15% and additionally when registering other sellers they obtain 5% of the sales made by registered sellers.
• The person who sells more than 3 pairs per month is recognized as a digital seller.

Wholesale Buyer
If you want to buy our products for your business, register at the following link. 
• Our prices and the quality of our products will allow you to offer guaranteed quality footwear.
• Orders with a minimum of two curves are recognized as a wholesale buyer (Curve is the set of 6 pairs of shoes of a single model in one color)

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